Stylish Ride Panniers


Practical and stylish double panniers from our weather-friendly collection are perfect for urban cyclists.


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A truly unique and sophisticated gear for urban cyclists. Leather bicycle panniers Stylish Ride are perfect for all enthusiasts of stylish utility cycling who use their bike not just as a mean of transport but also as a form of expressing their exceptional style. Because there is so much more to cycling than just sport!

These are the most optimum panniers in terms of size and capacity offered by FS Bike. 
They are distinguished by classic and stylish look as well as precise workmanship.

The panniers are composed of two main compartments, the flaps are fastened with classic stainless-steel buckles. The compartments are joined with a piece of leather enabling to use them on a bicycle rack, with a leather strap running through the middle which can be used as a handle for carrying the panniers when off the bike.

Functional, durable material in versatile, classic color selection. Quality is our top priority, hence the panniers are made of cow leather in hydrophobic technology ensuring greater resistance to weather conditions, especially rain, which is perfect for cyclists who commute by bike on a daily basis.

Size: 30.5cm x 27cm x 9cm (x 2)

Color: black

/Actual colour may slightly differ from the one presented on the photographs due to individual screen settings/

Made in Poland! 
Warranty: 2 years

stylish ride black
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27 cm
30.5 cm
9 cm
Hydrophobic leather

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